Cobalt Digital Embedded Audio Delay with Audio Processing

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Cobalt Digital 9305 Embedded Audio Delay with Audio Processing, Independent Audio Delay per ChannelThe 9305 is an embedded audio delay processor that receives an HD/SD-SDI signal, de-embeds all audio data, allows for independent delay for each channel, and re-embeds the audio into the SDI video stream. The active picture, and all non-audio ancilllary packets are left untouched. The card also provides user control of gain and polarity for each channel.An upmixer software option converts a stereo signal to a representative 5.1 surround signal. The upmix can be manually enabled, or operate in an automatic mode, where the upmixer monitors the input audio for stereo audio and replaces it with 5.1 surround.User controls are also provided for audio center width and surround field depth.FeaturesAudio channel mapping and level control Independent delay for all 16 channels; pair delays can be locked Adjustable delay to 30 seconds Optional Audio Upmixer (2.0 stereo -5.1 surround) Local or remote user controls Remote control/monitoring via DashBoard software or OGCP-9000 remote control panel Five year warranty SpecsProcessing Controls Gain, polarity, delay per channel Upmixer controls Input source channels, output destination channels, audio center width, surround depth, LFE enable Audio 24 bits in all modes Input HD/SD-SDI on BNC 1 Output 4 reclocked copies of input, 4 processed outputs Power 7 watts Size 12.9" x 3" (330mm x 76mm)For use in openGear™ frames
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