Blonder Tongue Laboratories Blonder Tongue Agile QAM Modulator

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ASI Input QAM Modulator, Supports QAM 256, 512 & QAM 1024 Integrated Upconverter, 54-860 MHz Output, NTSC & PAL Compat Double Width Micro Housing, Use With 7715, 7722C, 7703 The QAM Modulator is the basic unit of digital cable transmission. The Agile QAM Modulator from Blonder Tongue is the logical solution for any operator ready to take digital to the next level. The AQM integrates a sophisticated and advanced QAM modulator with a super low noise upconverter in a compact and simple to use modular package. The AQM is designed to accept an MPEG-2 ASI ( Asynchronous Serial Interface) digital transport stream and Interface) modulate it into a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) signal. The QAM modulator in the AQM achieves Modulation) state-of-the-art performance with capabilities to improve bandwidth efficiency by supporting advanced QAM modes like 256, 512 & 1024 QAM. Plus, the built in advanced bit stuffing circuitry ensures that Null Packets are inserted into the ASI transport stream if needed to ensure the correct baud rate is transmitted. Excellent RF performance is vital to the health of every cable system. Incorporating digital signals into that cable system increases the complexity required to keep it operating smoothly. The AQM's integrated upconverter is designed to accomplish this very goal. The BT Agile QAM Modulator incorporates a custom design approach utilizing the latest generation technology available to ensure extremely low phase noise and a highly stable output signal. This eliminates the hassles and potential for problems caused by module based interconnects, especially when using products without integrated upconverters. The AQM is easily accommodated in Blonder Tongue's standard HE Series of micro-modular rack chassis units and the MIPS power supply units. This allows existing modulators or demodulators to coexist effortlessly.
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