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This tool screws onto the bottom of all LCD monitors / 2.4GHz transmitters which have a º" Whitworth threaded nut built in.The monitor / TX can then be mounted onto the "hot shoe" ("bayonet") fitting found on most camcorders.This "hot shoe" on a camcorder is used primarily for mounting lights but can equally be used for mounting an LCD monitor or a 2.4GHz transmitter.The OZA3000 is slid into the slot and then the LCD is twisted onto the º" screw until it is at the correct hight. Then the two locking nuts are rotated upwards locking the LCD monitor firmly in place.NoteIf a camera has a º" Whitworth threaded hole on the carrying handle instead of a hot shoe slot then the required mounting tool is the OZA3010 º" screw mounting tool instead.
º" Whitworth screw Two locking nuts Hot shoe base
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