Revolabs Solo RF-Armor™ tabletop wireless directional boundary microphone

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The Solo RF-Armor Tabletop Wireless Microphones have exceptionally robust shielding which enables the microphone to operate cleanly even when in direct contact with all wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones, smart phones, etc. Requires Revolabs Executive™ or Solo™ system Available in omni-directional and uni-directional microphone patterns Eight hours of continuous use on a single charge Recharges in two hours, or add the AC adapter accessory, eliminating the need to return the unit to a charger. Omni-directional picks up sound from a 360 degree area around the microphone and uni-directional picks up sounds in front of the microphone (plus/minus 45 degrees) * All Solo microphone products are cross-compatible and can be mixed & matched within any Solo system
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