iKan PT1000 8Inch LCD Portable Teleprompter

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The PT1000 is a small and light portable teleprompter kit. It mounts to the shoe mount on your camera and is light enough to be shoulder mounted. You don't have to deal with the big bulky mirrors of traditional teleprompters that cost double or triple the price of a PT1000. It also features VGA and Video inputs. It comes included with a copy of our own Prompter Pro 2.0 teleprompting software.
Ultra Portable The PT1000 is the most complete portable teleprompting system out there. We include all the hardware and software needed to get started. All you need to add is a laptop. It is so light weight that you can actually shoulder mount it or use it on a jib! More than Just a Teleprompter When your not using the PT1000 as a teleprompter you can use it as a standard video monitor. It has VGA, S-Video, and Composite inputs. Even if you don't do a lot of teleprompting you will still get your money's worth with this kit! Prompter Pro 2.0 Included in the box is a full version of our Prompter Pro 2.0 software. It is a full featured teleprompting software. It allows you to import your scripts, edit them on the fly, and save the changes.
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