Wohler Dual Input 4.3" Looped HD/SD-SDI Video Monitor

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The VAMP AC3/M is a high-resolution color video and stereo audio monitor designed specifically for simultaneous monitoring of HD/SD-SDI digital video and AC-3/Dolby Digital® or AES/EBU digital audio, providing the six digital audio channels associated with ATSC/DVB programming in a 2U rack-size. The unit monitors video and de-muxed audio from the HD/SD-SDI source and may also monitor audio from directly Dolby Digital (AC-3), AES/EBU, or PCM balanced or unbalanced sources. The source video is monitored on a built-in 4.3" high-resolution wide-format color LCD display. NTSC or PAL signals are automatically detected, displayed, and indicated. SD and HD sources are automatically detected and displayed with 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios respectively. Display controls include brightness and contrast adjustment. The selected audio source is reproduced through a internal powered speaker system comprised of left and right midrange and woofer channels for full fidelity sound in a rack-mounted unit. The rear panel features two HD/SD-SDI inputs (selectable with a front panel toggle switch) and one re-clocked output of the selected HD/SD-SDI source on BNC connectors. HD/SD-SDI group and subgroup selection is set via front panel switches and an LED is provided to indicate SDI lock status. Balanced XLR and unbalanced BNC inputs and loop-through outputs are provided for monitoring of PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), AES/EBU, or AC-3 (Dolby Digital®) audio signals. A toggle switch and LED on the front panel are provided to indicate and allow selection between two AC-3 Pro-16 signals, if they are present. Two XLR connectors output analog audio of the sources selected for the left and right speaker channels. High-resolution, wide-range LED bargraph level meters are provided for all six channels. The fifty-three bicolor segments, spanning a range of 65 or 90 dB, simultaneously display signal levels according to both the PPM and VU standards. Bargraph brightness is adjustable via a trim pot. Both Left/Right and Front/Surround Phase/Polarity LED indicators are provided to alert of possible phase cancellation from mix-down in any likely playback situation. Front panel LEDs provide AC-3 and AES/EBU input signal presence and power indication. A headphone output mutes the speakers when used.
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